Our MD gives a speech to Young Entrepreneurs from The Prince's Trust

Why did The Prince's Trust choose Mark? 

​Our Managing Director, Mark Robinson, recently gave a talk at The Prince's Trust to a group of young people from their Enterprise Programme.  

The Prince's Trust Enterprise Programme works with 18 to 30-year-olds to turn big business ideas into reality providing help with everything from funding and resources to training and mentoring support. It covers everything from business planning and marketing to sales, budgeting and tax.

Mark said: 

   “What struck me first and foremost about the group was their enthusiasm and hunger to succeed – both in life and in business”

Mark says himself that he was "in no way whatsoever an academic​" yet he's made his way from washing cars at the age of thirteen to forming Vantage Motor Group and nurturing it into the 25-site dealership group​ it is today. 

We are patrons of The Prince's Trust and keen to support this worthy charity in whatever way we can:

“Our partnership with The Prince’s Trust is something I am incredibly proud of and we have lots of activities planned which we hope will help to make a difference to young people’s lives in the towns and cities in which we operate.”

At our recent conference, we heard from inspirational young person, Dominic Loftus, who told us how The Prince's Trust has helped him turn his life around. His impassioned speech left our teams really enthused about raising more money for The Prince's Trust to enable them to continue their important work.

How did Mark get on?

Mark shared with the young people from the Enterprise programme his business story, tips for success and was keen to listen to a few business ideas from the young entrepreneurs themselves. He even helped them role play some business scenarios. He had some great feedback from his session:

"He really tested our passion and conviction doing the role play"

Some of these young people may have come from difficult backgrounds or have overcome some other hardship to be where they are today and it’s fantastic to see them being given opportunity to excel in their chosen fields of business.

Mark really enjoyed meeting the young entrepreneurs and said:

“I left feeling truly inspired myself; not least by the creativity and ambition in the room, but by the work of The Prince’s Trust in supporting young people, who may not have had the best start in life, in building successful and rewarding careers for themselves.”

We are incredibly proud to be a patron of The Prince's Trust and so pleased that Mark was able to speak to these young people. The group gave some wonderful feedback after Mark's talk so hopefully he has inspired them to take their ideas and shoot for the sky.