Mr Brewer Thanks Ian Johnstone

Our sales teams are specially trained to help our customers successfully traverse through the many vehicle and finance options available to ensure that they drive away the right car and with the right finance solution for their needs. As it is part of Vantage's mission statement to make sure all of our customers happy throughout their car buying journey and beyond, and it's always fantastic to receive feedback that testifies to that.

So, we were thrilled to hear from Vantage Toyota York customer Steven Brewer who, three months into his new contract hire agreement, contact Vantage to let us know how happy he is with his new Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports!

Ian Johnstone, Business Centre Manager at Vantage Toyota York, helped Mr Brewer choose the Auris Hybrid Touring Sports.

“Mr Brewer initially came in as a retail customer looking for a new car to upgrade the current family Avensis. Whilst chatting about which car would be a suitable replacement, Mr Brewer told me that he was in fact Managing Director of his own company – Text Mining Solutions Ltd – making him eligible for our business centre solutions.

Together, we settled on a new Auris Hybrid Touring Sports on a contract hire agreement as this ticked all the boxes, providing low running costs as a business user and all the practicality of a family car."

Here's what Steven had to say about his choice so far!

"…just about 3 months into the contract hire and I wanted to drop you a line to say the package is working out great for us. Especially pleased with the car itself, the whole family gets enjoyment from it, the boys love the tinted glass rear windows, glass roof and all the gadgets on the media console, I don't know how any of it works myself but they can plan a route from here to Poland if I asked them to. My wife loves the comfortable drive and can't believe the economy, the fill ups are much easier on the pocket and we are only at an average 52 mpg so I expect there is a bit more to go yet. We are just over 2000 miles right now so within the allowance but haven't been on a long journey yet so don't really know what it capable of but am sure it will be great. I love the tech, and the max power button, it doesn't get used much but when it does it is a powerful kick. Amazing how it seamlessly transfers between electric and petrol modes…

Thanks once again for putting the deal together for us, it is way better than I could have hope for and is definitely the best car I have driven in 20 years."

Founded by Steven Brewer and based in York, Text Mining Solutions offer multi-sector clients an effective and flexible means of analysing literature and text wherever it may be published.

Thanks for your feedback Mr Brewer, we love hearing from happy customers!