Toby, from Citroën Morecambe, is rasing money for Ben Support For Life

3,000 miles in 5 days, can they do it?

This July Toby, his brother, and two cousins are setting off on an epic journey across Europe to raise money for charity. They are headed all the way to Barcelona... and back!

Toby's chosen charity is Ben. Ben is the automotive industry's support system. The charity has four main focuses in order to support peoples health and wellbeing, physical, mental, financial and social. Anyone who works in or who have family working in the automotive trade are eligible for Ben's support. Ben provide award winning care services for those in later life in addition to tailored support services including councelling services and financial help.

They are a fantastic charity so we're really proud to hear that Toby has chosen to support them in order for them to continue to support the automotive industry.

The group will be driving over 3000 miles across Europe and back. They will travel from the North West of England, down to Saint Omer in France, on to Annecy, then Sanremo in Italy, through to Marseille and Perpignan, before finally arriving at their destination in Barcelona. That totals just over 3,000 miles, and they aim to do all this in around 5 days.

The car is worth less than £567 and the team have started to transform it in order to stand out on the road.

Toby says:

"During the process lots of paint spray was inhaled and lots of sunburn occurred, but we’re getting there"

The team have even added a bit of fun with an air horn and siren!

Toby has set himself a target of £2,000, let's see if we can all help get him there. This is a wonderful cause, if you'd like to help Toby towards his target then follow the link below to donate.