The 44th Annual Tokyo Motor Show

Excitement is in the air here at Vantage! We're so excited for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show that kicks off this week and ends on the 8th November. Attracting people from all over the world, manufacturers will be revealing their newest concepts as well as future launches at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre over 9 days.

You may have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of concept art of these models, but it's even more exciting to actually see the vehicles being produced and going on display, captivating car lovers and the automotive industry alike. With Toyota, Lexus and Honda all presenting their amazing new technologies, designs and concepts, it's set to be an exciting nine days for all of us here at Vantage and we want to share all the gossip with you!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.


SF-R (World Premiere)

​Standing for 'Small Front Engine, Rear Drive', the Toyota SF-R concept continues Toyota's well developed heritage of fun-to-drive, lightweight sports cars. With an incredibly light, compact body the Toyota SF-R concept has been pitched as an entry level model and aims to make a whole new generation fall in love with driving. With a rumoured weight of just 980kg and a six-speed manual transmission, it's no wonder the concept offers a smooth acceleration and responsive drive with direct handling that gives a real sense of communication between the car and the driver whilst maintaining the fun-loving aspects we've come to expect from Toyota. With a long nose and wide stance the SF-R has a quintessential sporty appearance, whilst it's simple and modern interior finish accentuates Toyota's simplicity yet convey's the vehicle's sporty spirit and performance. 

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FCV Plus (World Premiere)

Earlier this year, Toyota launched the Mirai - the first fuel cell saloon to enter production - an exciting development for both Toyota and the automotive industry. Toyota have followed on from this launch with the FCV Plus Concept which has a more compact rearrangement of the Mirai's fuel-cell stack and hydrogen tanks. The concept car, which wouldn't look our of place in a Sci-Fi film, explores how the hydrogen fuel cell in the FCV can generate electricity from hydrogen stored outside the vehicle and can be used to produce power in different locations, either at home, work or further afield - a portable energy source. With a distinctive, sleek exterior and a futuristic feel, the design communicates both the vehicle's advanced technology and outstanding environmental performance whilst illustrating what the future could hold for the motor industry.

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Kikai (World Premiere)

Meaning 'machine' in Japanese, the Kikai concept has been created to show appreciation for the way cars are made and the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating these amazing machines. Toyota want the Kikai's mechanical parts to be something that is seen and admired, rather than concealing them from view like in the standard vehicle we see every day. The design includes a small window under the driver's feet, allowing a view of the tyres, suspension and also the road surface, bringing a completely new sensory concept to the Toyota driving experience. Unfortunately, this is just a concept but how cool would it be if this actually became a reality!? Maybe one day...

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Prius (Japan Premiere)

At Vantage, we're so excited for the 2016 Prius to arrive in our dealerships and now Japan have finally seen the gorgeous model in the metal! The all-new Prius is more efficient than ever, with CO2 emissions improved by 18%, and is ready to shake up the hybrid market with bold character lines, a lower, wider stance, a spacious interior and enhanced safety features. True to its established role as the "technology ambassador" for Toyota, the Prius is due to be the first model to adopt a New Global Architecture platform, key to delivering better handling, a more rewarding drive and a more stylish and appealing design. The Toyota Prius lets you go beyond what's possible.

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LF-FC (World Premiere)

Revealing a teaser image earlier in the week, Lexus has proven that the best things are worth waiting for with the stunning LF-FC concept. With an exterior design that is elegant from every angle, incorporating a fresh new styling theme that embodies L-finesse design philosophy, the LF-FC offers a peek into the design and technology direction of a future Lexus flagship saloon. Incorporating a futuristic theme, the interior of the LF-FC is designed to add comfort and functionality with a cabin designed in two sections to ensure the driver never feels constrained. The futuristic elements don't stop at the interior as the designers at Lexus have treated us to an entirely new concept using holographic imagery that interprets your hand movements to control either the audio system or in-car ventilation.

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FCV Clarity (World Premiere)

Set to arrive in the UK in 2017, and launch in Japan in March 2016, the FCV Clarity is Honda's new Hydrogen fuel-cell powered model and the successor to the FCX. First seen in 2013, as an early stage concept car, the FCV Clarity is powered by an electric motor and is the first car of its type to feature the entire fuel cell powertrain packaged within the engine bay. With a rumoured driving range of 435 miles and a short refuelling time of approximately under 3 minutes, it seems the FCV Clarity could be the car of the future! Watch this space.

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Honda's theme for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show is based on their global brand slogan, The Power Of Dreams. Back in 1990, the first NSX was designed and has gone from strength to strength over the years. The latest NSX is an F1 inspired, next-generation supercar with unique Honda driving characteristics. Although the new model has the same features as the first-generation, it carries a lighter weight body and sensational V6 twin turbo engine resulting in both outstanding performance and fuel economy. Set to go on sale from next Spring, this Hybrid Supercar is likely to be the "must-have" car of 2016. We love it, what do you think?

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