Wherever or whenever you need us, Vantage Toyota are always happy to help​

Our passion to please is an ethos that all of our team members really believe in. Providing excellen customer service is the most important thing to Vantage. It's no wonder then that the Vantage team are willing to go above and beyond to help out, even outside the showroom or workshop.

It always makes our day when we receive positive feedback from our customers, and we recently received a brilliant Vantage experience story that we had to share.

Alex Potter recently found himself in a spot of bother when he got an unexpected flat tyre while out and about in York! Thankfully, Alex wasn't far from our Toyota York centre on Clifton Moor and apprentice technician Charlie happened to be nearby to help him out. Thoroughly chuffed to have met such a good samaritan, Alex got in touch through our website to let all of Vantage know about their experience and what a star Charlie is.

"...(20/8/15) as I was driving into PureGym near your garage, I somehow got a nail in my tyre. I pulled into the gym carpark, realised the tyre was totally flat, and also that I had no idea how to change it (I only passed my test earlier this year.) After about 20 minutes of trying and completely failing, I'd just about given up when Charlie came over and offered to help. He said he was a mechanic from your garage, and he was absolutely awesome. He changed the tyre and had me up and running again in no-time. I would have been completely screwed without him (I live out near Pocklington), so he was a proper life saver, and I just wanted to let you know how great an employee you have, and how grateful I am for his help.

​Please pass my thanks on to him again, and in future if I have any more problems with my car I will certainly give you guys a call.​"

A great story that just goes to show wherever or whenever, Vantage Toyota are always happy to help!