Out with the Old & In with the New

Save up to £6,400 on the Scrappage Scheme

At Vantage, we are welcoming the Scrappage Scheme thanks to our manufacturer partners. This gives people the opportunity to trade in their old car for a shiny new one whilst saving thousands of pounds. We know that it is a huge decision to buy a new car but at Vantage we can give you peace of mind that it has many added benefits…

Made For You

A new car can be ordered to fit your requirements, you can pick the colour, specification and add on any extras that take your fancy.

Brand New

It hasn’t been used, so there is no wear or tear plus you can be rest assured that it hasn’t been involved in an accident. Also, you will get that sought after new car smell!

Safe Journey

Newer cars are often better equipped with the latest safety equipment and technology. This not only keeps you and your passenger’s safe but can lower your insurance cost too.

Be Efficient

Better engines and more advanced technology means that new cars are more refined and efficient than ever. Trading in your car for a new one would give you improved fuel efficiency spending less time and money at the pump.

Go Green

With the latest Government legislation, cars that are made now have much lower emissions which is obviously better for the environment. This will reduce your carbon footprint especially with the latest hybrid engines. Click here to learn more about Hybrids.


The latest gadgets available in new cars makes driving easier than ever (and more fun). From convenient built in Sat Navs, the ability to pair your phone with Bluetooth to parking aids and DAB radio for an improved music experience. There is a whole host of exciting new devices depending on what model and specification you pick.

MOT Free

When you buy a brand-new car, you don’t have to pay for an MOT for the first three years of ownership instantly making a newer car cheaper to own!

Along with the Scrappage Scheme savings available, there are so many reasons why you should consider trading in your old car for a brand new one today.

Browse our Scrappage offers and contact your nearest Vantage dealership for details and see if you qualify for a brand new car.

Discover the Scrappage Scheme with our manufacturer partners:

Toyota Scrappage Scheme

Available across our range of vehicles including hybrids and 4x4s, the Toyota Scrappage Scheme can save you up to £4000. With centres across the North of England and the West Midlands there is a Vantage dealership near you.

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Citroen Scrappage Scheme

Save up to £6500 on the Citroen Scrappage Scheme available at Vantage Morecambe and Citroen across the C range and DS range. Browse our offers and discover your chance to trade up today.

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SKODA Scrappage Scheme​

The SKODA Scrappage scheme is aiming to clean up the carbon footprint trading in Diesels over seven years old saving you up to £4000 on a brand new car at Vantage Morecambe. Explore our offers.

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Hyundai Scrappage Scheme

Available on the smart city cars, adventurous 4x4s and the all new Hybrid IONIQ, you can save up to £5000 on the Hyundai Scrappage Scheme. Across Vantage Preston, Oldham and Stockport.

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Kia Scrappage Scheme

The Kia Scrappage Scheme is available on the all new Kia Picanto and Rio. New to 2017, you can save up to £2000 and get a brand new hot hatch with 7 year warranty at Vantage Scarborough and Bradford.

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Scrappage scheme offer available until 31st December 2017 and not available in conjunction with any other offer. Contact your nearest Vantage Motor Group centre for details. Terms and conditions apply, please ask for details.