A Vantage Summer Check for just £45

This summer we recommend that you get your car checked, ensuring that it is still safe and road-ready, particularly if you're planning a summer staycation. At Vantage, we are making it easy by putting together a Summer Check for just £45, including a Toyota Safety Kit.

Make sure your Toyota receives a full vehicle health check and a Wash & Vac. Plus, get a Toyota safety kit including high-vis vests, warning triangles, and a first aid kit to keep you and your passengers safe. This Summer Check also includes...

Anti-Bacterial Cleanse

This treatment destroys any harmful bacteria or mould growing in your air-con system which can be the cause of illness and unpleasant smells. We can offer you a variety of scents leaving your car smelling clean and fresh.

Fuel Treatment
If fuel has been left in your car for a long period due to the Lockdown restrictions, a Fuel Treatment is necessary to clean your car’s engine and keep it in tip-top condition. It can improve engine performance, responsiveness and can even increase fuel economy.

Plus receive:
- A 36 Point Inspection and Vehicle Health Check with an accompanying video.
- Top up of under bonnet fluid levels.
- Car wash and sanitisation.

We are expecting demand to be high so make sure that you book your appointment today!