Is a diesel right for you?

We’ve all heard about the bad press Diesel vehicles get, but really, they aren’t all bad, and they suit some peoples driving style much better than petrol cars. If you spend a lot of time on faster, wide roads and use a lot of miles, a diesel vehicle could be the best option for you.

Did you know?

  • Diesels use less fuel than petrol cars, while still giving the same power output, meaning they are not burning as much fuel as a similar petrol vehicle would be, therefore producing less carbon dioxide.
  • Modern diesels have special filters, called diesel particulate filters, fitted to stop tiny particles escaping, and these clear about 99% of the micro-particles.
  • Diesel engines offer more low-speed torque so tend to have better towing ability than petrol vehicles.
  • Without diesel, life in the UK would be much harder as more than 99% of the UK’s 4.4 million commercial vehicles are powered by diesel.

Technological advancements in petrol engines have been slower than updates and improvements to diesel engine technology, and this is what’s been changing.

  • Modern diesel cars now include NOx traps, which include absorbers to reduce the emissions from the exhaust. Think of them like molecular sponges, and they are still being continually improved.
  • Diesel particulate filters are now fitted in the exhaust, these filters stop tiny particles passing into the local air. To keep them working, they should be emptied, but this happens passively when the exhaust temperature is high enough. That’s why it’s important to regularly drive diesels on motorways or fast A-roads.
  • Exhaust gas recirculation takes a portion of an engine's exhaust gas and forces it back to the engine cylinders on newer diesel vehicles. That means there is less oxygen rich air available for combustion, reducing the formation of NOx.
  • In the past vehicles were emissions tested in laboratory conditions, which we now know do not replicate real on road situations well enough, but now vehicles are tested on the road to ensure results are as close to real life as possible.
  • As a result of such developments, it would take 50 new cars today to produce the same amount of pollutant emissions as one vehicle built in 1970.

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