Vantage Servicing Options: What could your service include?

Confused by the additional services available to you when you book your service? Here at Vantage, we want to make booking a service as simple as possible - find more information about our additional servicing options below. Alternatively, contact your local Vantage centre for more information.

Vantage, we have a Passion To Please.

Vehicle Health Check

Vehicle Health Check

Here at Vantage, we understand that it can be difficult to find the time to check your car and make sure it's roadworthy. That's why we offer you a free health check as part of your service with us.

Our qualified technicians will perform 37 different checks on your vehicle, including everything from bodywork to brakes.

As our customer, you'll receive a full clear and precise report which will highlight anything that needs carrying out urgently in order to meet any safety or legal requirements, alongside any work which may need completing in the future, so you can feel confident and safe in your vehicle.

MOT Test

MOT Test

All cars over 3 years old must undergo an annual MOT check-up to ensure the vehicle meets legal standards. Driving without a valid MOT can incur a fine of up to £1000, so it's important you book in for your annual MOT.

The key areas covered by a MOT are:

  • Registration Plate
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Lights and Horn
  • Vehicle Fuel System
  • Seats and Seatbelts
  • Steering, Suspension, Wheels, Brakes and Tyres
  • Windscreen, Windscreen Wipers and Washer Bottle
  • Vehicle Emissions
  • Bodywork, Doors and Mirrors

Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

On average, your vehicle's Air Conditioning system will lose 10% of its gas each year. If you don't service your Air Conditioning system, it will continue to lose gas and become less efficient, whilst also increasing the fuel consumption of you car.

When Air Conditioning systems are turned off throughout winter, condensation forms in the pipes of the system which, combined with heat from the engine, can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mould spores resulting in sore throats, allergic reactions and bad smells in your car. Your windows can also mist up if the filter is blocked as the warm air stream can't circulate properly, causing a driving hazard.

Our qualified technicians will drain and recharge your Air Conditioning system checking the filters, belts and connections to make sure your vehicle's compressor and condenser are in full working order. We will also treat your vehicle's ventilation system with an Air-Conditioning Sanitizer. This is a long-lasting antimicrobial product which eliminates harmful bacteria and bad odours from your Air-Conditioning system.

We recommend your vehicle has an Air Conditioning Service every 2 years. For more information, watch our short Air Conditioning Service video.

Still not sure you need an Air Conditioning Service? Read this advice from the AA.

Brake Fluid Change

Brake Fluid Change

Brake fluid creates hydraulic pressure when the brake pedal is pressed, actuating the brake calliper and forcing the brake pads against the disk which slows the vehicle down. Brake fluid is Hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere even when your vehicle isn't being used. The extreme temperatures which are created when braking can heat up the fluid, where in some cases the moisture in the fluid can boil and vaporise, causing brake failure.

Our experienced technicians will change your vehicles brake fluid to ensure this won't happen to you. It's recommended that your vehicle's brake fluid is changed every 2 years, regardless of your vehicle's mileage.

Coolant Change

Coolant Change

Your engine's coolant levels should be regularly checked to ensure you don't cause any serious damage your your vehicle's engine. Without coolant, your engine will overheat extremely quickly leading to breakdown or engine failure.

Making sure that you have the correct anti-freeze in the right concentration is critical to the health and well-being of your engine. The coolant capacity of modern systems is smaller and the operating temperatures and pressures higher, while greater use of lightweight materials such as aluminium increases the risk of corrosion.

Our experienced technicians are able to check and advise on the condition of your vehicles coolant; then change the coolant if required.

Engine Flush

Engine Flush​

​An Engine Flush will clear any sludge or contaminants from the engine, whilst protecting and lubricating the engine, before fresh oil is added to your vehicle. 

Cabin Air Filter Change

Cabin Air Filter Change​

​Your vehicle's Cabin Air Filter removes any unwanted particles from the outside air before it's passed into the vehicle via your Air Conditioning system - a lifesaver for hayfever sufferers during the summer months!

Carbon particulates, exhaust emissions, industrial dust or fungal spores can also settle in blocked Cabin Air Filters. Changing your Cabin Air Filter can ensure:

  • ​Optimum protection from dust, pollen or harmful exhaust emissions
  • Quality filtered air
  • You avoid misting of your windscreen during the autumn and winter months

Vantage's knowledgeable technicians recommend you look into changing your Cabin Air Filter every 2 years. Contact your local Vantage centre to speak to a technician and see if your Cabin Air Filter needs a refresh.​

Wash and Vac

Wash and Vac

We know your car is your pride and joy so here at Vantage we want to help to make sure it's always in perfect condition. With any service, we offer a free Wash and Vac which includes as standard:

  • Car wash including wheel arches
  • Wheel clean
  • Interior vacuum

Plus one of the below:

  • Tyre dressing applied (where applicable)
  • Dashboard and Centre Console clean
  • Boot vacuum
  • Windscreen clean on interior
  • Mirror clean


Fuel System Clean

Fuel System Clean

Your vehicle's Fuel Injectors pressurize fuel and pump it through an aperture which delivers the fuel into the engine as a fine spray. This is easier for the engine to ignite and can burn both more efficiently and evenly than a steady stream. Over time, deposits from burning fuel can build up in this aperture which means that this fine spray becomes inconsistent due to a decreased injector performance.

We recommend cleaning your Fuel Injectors every 12 months, however signs that your Fuel Injectors may need cleaning include:

  • Hard starting
  • Throttle hesitation
  • Pre-ignition
  • Decreased fuel efficiency

Fuel System Cleaner will flow through the many components within your engine cleaning all components to maintain the performance of your engine.

Gear Oil Change

Gear Oil Change​

​Your vehicle's gearbox contains many moving parts. Some of them are submerged in oil and some of them are splashed by oil as other parts move. 

This lubrication is designed to prevent metal-to-metal contact, for example between the teeth on your vehicle's gears. The type of oil used depends on the type of gears that the manufacturer has designed within the gearbox.

It is recommended that you change your vehicle's gearbox oil at some point within its life. Contact one of our experienced technicians to discuss your vehicle. 

Engine Oil Top Up

Engine Oil Top Up​

​Your engine relies on oil to keep it working and in good condition so if you let the oil level drop, you're risking the health of your engine and in turn your vehicle. When the oil level drops, your engine will have to work harder which means it will get dirtier and wear out faster. 

As a result, your car's performance will start to suffer and eventually your engine will be at risk of increased wear, overheating or complete break-down which could cost a lot to fix.

We recommend that you regularly check the levels of your engine oil, however if topping up your oil to the right level seems a bit daunting, book in with out experience team and we can sort this for you! We use engine oil of a very high quality - it's pretty much liquid gold. All engine oils we use are fully synthetic grades with a low viscosity, key to increase engine efficiency and improve fuel economy. You won't be disappointed!

Automatic Transmission Change

Automatic Transmission Change​

​As Automatic Transmissions become more complex, there's a greater need for more technologically advanced fluids to ensure vehicle reliability. Getting the right oil for your car is key to ensuring your transmission operates as designed and you get to experience smooth driving every day. 

Some manufacturers recommend you change your Automatic Transmission fluid at certain times in your vehicle's life. Contact our knowledgeable technicians to find out what your manufacturer recommends.

Differential Oil Change

Differential Oil Change

The Differential is the gearbox which is located between the drive wheels of your vehicle and differential oil is used to lubricate this. Differentials work with your transmission to deliver power from your engine to the axel which turns your wheels so the differential oil may need changing to keep your vehicle healthy.

Over time, the temperatures in your engine can cause the differential fluid to break down and consequently your gears may not work smoothly due to increased friction and heat. If your vehicle's gears begin to grind, continuing to drive on them may cause the need for huge repairs which could be costly.

If you aren't sure what your Differential is, don't worry! Our experienced technicians can inform you of this. Contact us today.