Vehicle Summer Check at Vantage centers in Yorkshire & Lancashire

Is your car summer road trip ready? Book your Summer Check for just £24.99!

At Vantage, we understand how much our customers rely on their cars and need to be confident that their vehicles won't let them down. This is why for just £24.99 we are offering a comprehensive Summer Check to ensure your car is ready for wherever the road is taking you this summer.

Your Summer Check includes:

  • 36-point Vehicle Health Check inspection
  • Top-up under-bonnet fluid levels
  • Ventilation system cleanse
  • Vehicle wash and vac
  • A comprehensive video of all works completed for added peace of mind

What is a ventilation system cleanse?

This treatment destroys any harmful bacteria or mould growing in your ventilation system which can be the cause of illness and unpleasant smells, leaving your car smelling clean and fresh.

Upgrade your Summer Check to include a full Air Conditioning Service

As the temperature heats up, stay cool with a full air conditioning service for your vehicle. An air conditioning system will typically lose 10% of its gas each year, which reduces the system's ability to cool the air. We will inspect, clean or replenish the air condition refrigerant to maintain optimum performance and your comfort.

Summer driving

Let Vantage get you and your car prepared and book your Summer Check today. For more information please contact your nearest Vantage centre, or book an appointment online.