Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Business Benefits

in Lancashire & Yorkshire

Choosing a hybrid or electric vehicle makes perfect sense for businesses and company drivers that are aiming to remain at the cutting edge of their sector. Opting for a greener solution not only demonstrates a commitment to the environment, it can also significantly reduce your overall running costs and offer your drivers a stylish, technologically advanced way to travel.

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Why choose hybrid or electric?

The government has pledged to drastically reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by 2050. And for businesses operating in towns and cities such as Birmingham, the impending introduction of Clean Air Zones means it’s more important than ever to comply with regulations in order to keep costs down.

Adopting hybrid and electric technology sooner rather than later ensures your company is ready to meet stricter standards, giving you the chance to stay ahead of the curve. It means that your vehicles are less likely to be subject to the penalties imposed on more pollution heavy vehicles, potentially saving you thousands of pounds on an annual basis.

But that’s not where the cost saving ends. Due to the electric element of their powertrains, self-charging and plug-in hybrid models negate the need for such frequent stops at the pumps, even when your drivers are travelling long distances. And with fewer mechanical parts to take care of, hybrid and electric cars are generally cheaper to service and maintain.

Finally, when it comes to upgrading, you’re sure to get a great deal, as depreciation on more eco-friendly models is low.

Why choose Vantage Motor Group?

Here at Vantage Motor Group, we have years of experience supplying and servicing hybrid and electric vehicles. The teams at our dealerships across Lancashire and Yorkshire are highly knowledgeable about these models, how they work, their running costs and more. As such, we’re in the perfect position to help you secure the right low-emissions vehicles for your fleet.

Our selection of Kia, Toyota, Lexus, Citroën and Škoda cars cover a range of requirements, so you can choose affordable practicality, premium comfort or anything in between, depending on the image of your business and the needs of your drivers.

To find out about our hybrid and electric vehicle range, or to discuss your organisation’s requirements in detail, contact your local Vantage showroom today. We’re based across the country, with facilities in Wakefield, Colne, Preston, Scarborough and further afield – so you’re never far from our expertise.