Used Kia Electric and Hybrid

In Lancashire & Yorkshire

At Kia Vantage in Bradford and Scarborough, we offer a wide range of pre-owned electric and hybrid vehicles in impeccable condition. As a reputable marque renowned for beautiful styling and expert craftsmanship, Kia’s lineup also consists of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric models which are designed to cut emissions as well as running costs.

The Kia Niro, for example, uses both an electric and petrol powertrain which work in harmony to deliver eco-friendly performance time and time again. The Kia Eco range also consists of plug-in solutions which can run on electric power for longer distances compared to a regular hybrid. Plug-ins can be recharged at suitable power points for optimum convenience and efficiency.

As well as hybrids, there are also electric cars which are solely powered by electric energy and therefore deliver a quiet, zero-emissions performance. Examples of pure electric vehicles include the Kia Soul EV and the E-Niro. For more information about the electric and hybrid revolution and the pre-owned hybrids available from Vantage Kia, keep an eye on our Vantage Hybrid site or contact the team today.