Vantage is delighted to offer a wide range of hybrid vehicles across our dealerships in the North of England and West Midlands. Our selection of hybrid, electric and plug-in cars across the Toyota, Lexus and Kia marques provide a comprehensive choice for drivers interested in low- or zero-emissions vehicles.

Hybrid vehicles are an affordable and practical option for buyers. They are low cost to run, take less of a toll on the environment and are straightforward to drive. Many do not need to be plugged-in or charged, and those that do are covered by the ever-growing number of charging points throughout the country. Many hybrid batteries last the lifetime of the car too, so you needn't worry about replacing it.

Browse our dedicated hybrid section, designed to inform you of how it works and the very latest in hybrid technology. We summarise what a hybrid vehicle is, explain the benefits of owning one and offer a comprehensive list of FAQs about hybrid cars all in one place. We’ve also included a myth busting section, as well as links to our current range of hybrids.