So Many Reasons to try Hybrid.

Hybrid cars come with a variety of benefits that you don't get with your standard petrol or diesel vehicles – and more people are switching to hybrid vehicles as a result.

Two’s Company

The hybrid’s engines work in tandem to ensure seamless performance and maximum efficiency. During acceleration, the conventional engine and electric motor work together to share the strain. Any excess energy generated is used to charge the electric motor, which powers the car at lower speeds without consuming fuel. The combination of a combustion and electric engine also ensures less engine noise and a quieter drive.

World & Wallet Friendly

As the electric motor takes over from the combustion engine at lower speeds, your hybrid vehicle will consume less fuel during urban journeys. A drive in a hybrid will generate lower levels of CO² and save you money at the pump. Because of their environmental credentials, hybrid vehicles can also be cheaper in terms of Vehicle Excise Duty and (for business users) Benefit-in-Kind tax rates.

Hybrid Vehicles Less Fuel

Electric Performance

Batteries in conventional hybrids are always charged, as they recycle excess energy generated by the combustion engine. They last for the car’s lifetime, and are designed to take up as little space as possible.

Plug-in versions work in the same way as conventional hybrid vehicles, but add an extended electric driving range to reduce emissions even further. An ever-growing number of plug-in outlets across the UK make charging your hybrid’s electric motor more convenient than ever before. Also, at Vantage we can help you look into installing a charging point in your home.