Kia 7 Year Warranty

As a global brand renowned for the reliability of its vehicles, Kia is a marque in which motorists can be completely confident. In fact, Kia’s belief in its production quality is such that all its new cars come with a 7-year warranty at no extra cost.

That means 2,555 days – or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first – of hassle-free motoring and lower maintenance costs over a significant part of the vehicle’s lifetime. What’s more, it’s fully transferable, meaning future owners can benefit from the remaining period on the warranty. For drivers buying new, that means better value retention and a more attractive resale price.

Europe’s best warranty

As well as being the longest warranty available from any auto manufacturer in Europe, Kia’s warranty is also thought to be one of the best. That’s because it provides bumper to bumper cover, with very few items that don’t enjoy this provision. Peace of mind is therefore a standard feature of purchasing a brand new Kia – no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises included.


In the unlikely event of a claim, it’s not only the parts that are covered under the 7-year warranty, but the labour as well. All replacements are covered for full European travel, and the warranty is not affected.

Key Benefits

1. Kia vehicles are built to exceptional manufacturing standards, meaning Kia has the confidence to provide Europe’s longest new car cover.

2. As the only auto manufacturer in Europe to offer a 7-year warranty, Kia cars offer you complete peace of mind.

3. Kia’s ‘bumper to bumper’ coverage means your receive the same level of cover throughout the warranty period – whether it’s day 1 or day 2,555.

4. As the warranty is transferable, a 3 year old Kia still has a longer remaining warranty than many other brands’ vehicles.

5. The offer makes maintenance costs lower and offers a potentially higher resale value.

6. The warranty is still valid even if a claim is made, and parts and labour are covered for travel within Europe.



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