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At Vantage Honda, we know that looking after your tyres is an integral part of your car's overall performance. Not only do worn tyres make driving unpleasant, they are also potentially illegal and the failure to keep your tyres maintained could cause you to earn points on your licence as well as a hefty £2500 fine. Should you continue to drive with unhealthy tyres, you may even cause an accident. There are a huge number of factors that can affect the aging and wear of your tyres, from road conditions to weather and of course your driving style. Regular tyre checks can help to ensure that you never encounter any serious problems.


You should check your tyre pressure regularly, and always before heading off on a long journey. See your owner’s manual or the sticker near the driver’s side doorframe to see the correct pressure for your car.


Look out for cracks, bulges or objects lodged in the tread or sidewall of your tyres. If you spot any of these, bring your car to your local Vantage Honda dealership and our technicians will check this out.


If your tyres are wearing more on one side than the other, your wheel alignment might need adjusting. Bring your Honda in to Vantage Honda and our technicians will put it right.

Tread depths

The lower the tread, the longer your stopping distance will be – especially in wet conditions. If the tread depth is less than 3mm the tyre should be replaced in order to maintain the best performance and road safety.

We offer a wide range of tyres at competitive market prices for our expertly-trained engineers to fit to your Honda vehicle. Also, as a Vantage customer, you are eligible for our Vantage Tyre Price Match Guarantee. Should you find any tyre offered by Vantage Honda elsewhere for a cheaper price, we promise to match that price for you.