Used Toyota Electric and Hybrid

At Vantage Motor Group in Lancashire & Yorkshire

The automotive industry is evolving with electric and hybrid vehicles helping to reduce emissions and cut running costs. As a Toyota dealership with locations across Lancashire and Yorkshire, we’re proud to offer a wide range of used Toyota electric and hybrid vehicles at a great price.

Why hybrid and electric?

Hybrid and electric vehicles give driving a whole new eco-friendly dimension. Toyota hybrids are a joy to drive, offering some of the lowest CO2 emissions around with lower road tax costs being an additional bonus.

Hybrids use two engine – one petrol, one electric – that work in harmony to create a driving experience that’s relaxed, smooth and efficient. In most cases, energy lost during coasting and braking is stored in a battery which is then recycled by the electric engine.

It’s a wonderfully efficient process that’s sure to appeal to the eco-conscious driver – but there’s more. The ultra-efficient Prius Plug-in Hybrid runs on electric-only power for a silent, zero-emissions driving experience in urban traffic. As a hybrid, it will still revert to the petrol-electric mode where necessary, but emissions can be as low as 70g/km.

There’s a hybrid and electric vehicle for every driver, whether you’re a city clicker or an outdoors adventurer. To find out more, keep an eye out on new Vantage Hybrid website.