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New Toyota Prius in the Midlands, Lancashire & Yorkshire

Prius. A Hybrid Icon, again.

Almost twenty years since its revolutionary launch in the UK, the more responsive, more efficient and quieter-than-ever 4th generation Prius continues to redefine that outstanding Toyota hybrid.

The new Prius model still uses the Hybrid Synergy Drive System, renowned for its incomparable fuel economy, low emissions and driving experience that cannot be matched by its competitors – it certainly deserves the multiple awards it has been given.

With its vigorous 1.8 litre petrol engine, there's optimum power for the motorway and ample fuel in the tank to take you 700 miles without needing to refuel. The electric motor, powered by a battery which is almost constantly charged by the petrol engine, allows incredibly low fuel consumption even in city and suburban driving with its common stop-start conditions.

As in all Toyota Hybrids, the Prius alternates between petrol and electric with ease and such elegance you will barely notice, to give you a pleasurable driving experience that is economical, effortless and tranquil.

This model focuses on the necessities essential for you, offering simplicity and solutions that not only fulfil their purpose but that will enchant you as the driver. For example, the Head-Up display is a neat solution to the issue of taking your eyes off the road to check your driving speed. This is instead projected onto the base of the windscreen. The Touch Tracer is another distinctive feature which renders the use of wheel-mounted switches easy without the need to take your eyes off the road. You simply touch your thumb on the button and an image of the button cluster appears in the high mounted display, within your view.

To find out more about the Prius, or book a test drive, contact your nearest Vantage Toyota.

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