Full Toyota Service

in Lancashire & Yorkshire

At Vantage Toyota, we offer two levels of servicing to ensure that whatever the age and condition of your Toyota vehicle our expert technicians can give it the care it needs. Please find below what is included in our Full Toyota Service.

Free Visual Safety Report
Free Hybrid Health Check (model dependant)
Free Wash and Vac
Check all pedal(s) and component(s)
Check steering wheel
Check horn
Check washers
Check wipers
Check interior lights
Check exterior lights
Check warning lights
Inspect air conditioning filter- replace as necessary*
Check seat belts
Drain engine oil
Replace oil filter
Inspect air filters
Refill engine oil
Check levels and refill as required
Inspect suspension
Inspect steering
Inspect tyres
Inspect wheels
Check and adjust tyre pressures
Inspect brake pads and discs
Torque tighten wheel nuts
Check radiator and condense
Check belts
Check battery
Recheck for fluid leaks - underside and engine bay

Recheck all levels
Reset service lights or monitor as required
Check alarms
Check and adjust gear cables
Inspect glass and light lenses
Replace battery in locking remote
Check and inspect suspension ball free play
Replace front and rear differential oils (model dependant)*
Inspect drive shaft boots
Inspect suspension ball joints and dust covers
Inspect fuel and brake pipes
Inspect exhaust pipes
Inspect wheel bearing
Inspect brake lining and drums
Inspect hand brake
Check clutch fluid as required*
Inspect spark plugs
Inspect air filter
Inspect charcoal canister (model dependant)*
Check fuel cap & lines
Full 4-wheel alignment check- extra charge for adjustment
Change brake fluid (every two years)*
Replace air filter (model dependant)
Check transmission oil*
Inspect transfer box oil (model dependant)*
Lubricate prop shaft joints (model dependant)
Tighten prop shaft bolts (model dependant)
*Additional charges apply if work is required